Author: Tim Parkinson

  • Marguerite Tonkin: In Memoriam

    The death of Marguerite Tonkin on 6th August 2012 is a great loss to her family, friends and also to the Conservation Society, of which she was a staunch friend and supporter. Typical of her generosity of spirit was the fact that less than three weeks previously she invited thirty members of the Conservation Society […]

  • Conservation Society tidies up an eyesore 17th March 2012

    Prior to Saturday, 17th March this is what everyone using Henbury Road at the mini-roundabout junction with Station Road saw: –

  • Conservation Society – Traffic Group report on Henbury Road and Hallen Road

    This sub group has been active recently in promoting ideas aimed at making life for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists safer faced with traffic volumes which will steadily increase over the coming years. Within 15-20 years there will be 5000+ additional houses on Filton airfield and the direct route from there to Avonmouth comes through or […]

  • Conservation Society Meeting – 11th October 2011

    Minutes of meeting commenced at 19:30 in Henbury Village Hall Present: Chris Carroll (Chair), Tim Parkinson (Secretary), Andrew Chugg ( Treasurer ) and 16 members. Apologies: Joyce Steele, Dennis & Elf Harris, Morris & Juliet Venables, Wendy Roberts, Sandy & Jill Campbell Welcome  Chris Carroll opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and expressed her gratitude […]

  • Survey of Conservation Area Green spaces

    John Burton has been studying the area for nigh on 20 years. He has published a report which includes 119 different plant species as well as listing birds and butterflies seen in the area. The text of the report can be viewed  here

  • Conservation Society Village Walkabout – 7th June 2011

    After the AGM the assembled members set off on a tour of some of the interesting houses in the village. First stop was Telephone Cottage where Joyce Steel explained how the cottage was named thus. Next was 266 Henbury road with a quick tour or both sides of the house guided by Charles Claxton. Then […]

  • Conservation Society AGM

    Annual General Meeting – 7th June 2011 Minutes of meeting commenced at 19:30 in Henbury Village Hall Present: Chris Carroll (Chair), Tim Parkinson (Secretary) and 21 members. Apologies: Andrew Chugg ( Treasurer ), Lisa Parkinson and Steve Condliffe.   Welcome and Chairman’s report   Chris Carroll opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. She then summarised […]

  • Conservation Society – Royal Wedding Party May 2011

    This village celebration was held in the garden of the Village Hall and was enjoyed by all generations who enjoyed delicious cakes and tea organised by Chris carroll and many helpers.  

  • Conservation Society Meeting – 22nd March 2011

    Thus meeting was held in the Henbury Village Hall and before the illustrated talk on the Old Vicarage some announcements and notices were made. Chris Carroll welcomed members and said she was delighted to see how well the bulbs planted near the Ford were flourishing. She said the next meeting would be on June 7th […]

  • Conservation Society Meeting held 12th October 2010

    By kind permission of David Lloyd, Vicar of Henbury, members assembled in St. Mary’s Church and were able to enjoy a glass of wine before David’s talk on the history and people of the Church in Henbury. David’s fascinating talk covered the history associated with the church from the time the parish was Henbury in […]