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Henbury Orchard planting

Wessex Water have today planted 20 fruit trees on the west side of the Wilderness area bordering Henbury Road.

Planting fruit trees
Planting 20 fruit trees

This planting is part of the enhancement and re-instatement works that Wessex Water are undertaking around Saltmarsh Drive, Lawrence Weston and Henbury and Crow Lane following the major flood relief sewer work previously carried out in the area.

The species list is: -,

Apple: Red Devil (2), Winston, Ellison Orange, Greensleeves, Lord Derby, Bromley Seeding (2), Bountiful, Laxton’s Fortune, Laxtons Superb, Fiesta Bush, One unspecified.

Cider Apple: Dabinett.

Gage: Old Green, Early Transparent

All the trees will be protected with mesh guards early in the New Year. And five Hawthorn trees will also be planted then.

There is a 1 year maintenance plan on these, that any deaths will be replaced, although this does not account for vandalism etc, only natural deaths.  Then this would be passed on to BCC or ourselves if we are so motivated.


Henbury Lodge Hotel – again

The hotel’s last two applications were refused by the Planning Dept. back in July 2021. I had objected on the basis of the proposed structure was too large.

A further applicationhas now been submitted with an application number of 21/06433/F and all comments have to be submitted by December 28th.

I have submitted an objection on behalf of the Conservation Society for the same reason of being too large a stucture in the curtilege of the fine listed building in our conservation area.

Tim Parkinson

Two Planning Applications by Henbury Lodge Hotel

Two applications were submitted at the end of last month. They were applications numbered  21/00194/F and  21/00195/LA. You can view them here:

Both seem to be similar are are for a 5m ‘temporary’ building replacing existing sheds  and reaching almost to the west boundary.

I have made comments on behalf of the Conservation Society objecting to the large structure in the curtilage of the fine grade II listed structure.

Tim Parkinson 7/2/2021

Woodstock School – PLANNING APPLICATION 20/04520/LA

This application for an external canopy along the Stable Block has been refused by the planners. Here is a link to front elevation of proposed canopy.

The planner’s reason for refusal is:-

” The proposal would result in harm to the architectural and historical significance of the building which is Listed as Grade II level. This would result from the impact of the introduction of the proposed canopy, which would represent an incongruous form of
development. The proposed canopy would also result in harm to the character and appearance of the building and its setting within the former Henbury Manor site by virtue of its overall scale and massing. These factors pose harm to the significance of the Listed
Building and Conservation Area which is classified at less than substantial level. Insufficient public benefit can be attributed to the development to outweigh the harm posed to either heritage asset. The development is therefore directly contrary to Sections 66 and
72 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, Sections 12 and 16 of the National Planning Policy Framework (2019), Policy BCS21 of the Bristol Core
Strategy (2011) and Policies DM26, DM30 and DM31 of the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Local Plan (2014). “




The wilderness in 2021

Wessex Water, who are currently using part of the area near Henbury Ford to access major sewer works in Henbury and elsewhere want to meet me on the site in January to get our ideas on how they should reinstate the area. Specific questions are:

  1. Positions of paths and the surface of them, informal ley lines to become more permanent?
  2. Tree planting locations of the Fruit Trees, numbers and type as I expect some replacement will be necessary.
  3. Potential for site enhancement as discussed last time which may help to enhance the site ecologically.

If you have a particular suggestion or idea to put forward or would like to join the discussion please use the Contact Us menu option

Tim Parkinson December 2020

THe Wilderness in 2020

If you have driven or walked past you can’t have failed to notice that the southern part of the Wilderness is a construction depot. That is not to say that permanent buildings will be made on the site but that the area is faciltating an update of Henbury’s sewers, which we will not see when complete because they are underground. This has been necessitated by the need to connect Henbury’s sewers to the new North Bristol to Avonmouth sewer/ tunnel in place of the overloaded pipe down through Blaise alongside the Hazel Brook

I am assured by Andrew Palmer, ic the works, that the work should be completed by the late Autumn of this year. Wessex Water, the agency responsible, will then set about restoring the environment.

In October 2019 I walked around the area to ph otograph it before work started. My photos are below

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