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Woodstock School – PLANNING APPLICATION 20/04520/LA

This application for an external canopy along the Stable Block has been refused by the planners. Here is a link to front elevation of proposed canopy.

The planner’s reason for refusal is:-

” The proposal would result in harm to the architectural and historical significance of the building which is Listed as Grade II level. This would result from the impact of the introduction of the proposed canopy, which would represent an incongruous form of
development. The proposed canopy would also result in harm to the character and appearance of the building and its setting within the former Henbury Manor site by virtue of its overall scale and massing. These factors pose harm to the significance of the Listed
Building and Conservation Area which is classified at less than substantial level. Insufficient public benefit can be attributed to the development to outweigh the harm posed to either heritage asset. The development is therefore directly contrary to Sections 66 and
72 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, Sections 12 and 16 of the National Planning Policy Framework (2019), Policy BCS21 of the Bristol Core
Strategy (2011) and Policies DM26, DM30 and DM31 of the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Local Plan (2014). “




The wilderness in 2021

Wessex Water, who are currently using part of the area near Henbury Ford to access major sewer works in Henbury and elsewhere want to meet me on the site in January to get our ideas on how they should reinstate the area. Specific questions are:

  1. Positions of paths and the surface of them, informal ley lines to become more permanent?
  2. Tree planting locations of the Fruit Trees, numbers and type as I expect some replacement will be necessary.
  3. Potential for site enhancement as discussed last time which may help to enhance the site ecologically.

If you have a particular suggestion or idea to put forward or would like to join the discussion please use the Contact Us menu option

Tim Parkinson December 2020

HCS Website up and running again

After a long absence the Conservation Society website is running again. The prolonged absence was caused by my host’s unilateral action in moving me to a new platform and leaving me to pick up the pieces!
The Conservation Society itself is in prolonged hibernation although I continue to act as webmaster and contact person. If anyone would come forward to help me organise the occasional meeting or social occasion we could get up and running properly.
I’ll end with a note that some of the links on the website may still be broken. Just let me know if you have a particular priority for recovery.
Tim Parkinson
Feb 2020