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Blaise Garden Community Days

The garden will be open from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm to anyone interested (viewing and/or helping) on two days each month until September:

On the second Saturday of August and September

On the fourth Sunday of August and September

Entrance through the black gates into the Rose Garden on you left as you come in from the Blaise entrance nearest Church Lane

Blaise Community Secret Garden update

On 9th June thanks to incredible hard and last minute negotiations some 50 people of all ages came into the garden.

Chris Carroll summarised the event as follows: –

” Every one was brilliant in so many ways.All the people putting in time and hard work leading up to Sunday and also on the day.This gave the whole project a really good ‘ send off’. I thought the ‘team spirit’ was wonderful.The highlight for me was a parent saying his child only did computer games and there the child was inspired and planting up his drum of assorted veg. and flowers and wanting to clear up the greenhouse! It was great to see all age groups helping each other.We even had students from the centre of town saying they’d loved planting up the rainbow chard and had a great time.We received 50 particulars of interested people which Angela is putting into a usable form..Wendy accumulated people’s ideas, which will be of great interest .

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Blaise Garden Progress

HCS & Friends of  Blaise Garden update

On 2nd May representatives of the HCS & FoB Steering Group met with Sarah Tyler of BCC Parks to agree the next steps in the project to start volunteer activities in the garden. The following was agreed as the way forward: –

  1. The area containing the two greenhouses we will have access to will be delineated using orange mesh and posts. The area will include the gateposts of the currently boarded up entrance form the Rose Garden.
  2. Preferred access for volunteers will be through the Blaise Dairy Garden and side gate through wall.
  3. The Group will have access to ‘the room in the wall’ so we can store tools etc.
  4. Access for delivery vehicles will be negotiated as required with Midland Forestry.
  5. The Steering Group will publish a plan of Activities to be carried out
  6. The Steering Group will write Risk Assessments for the activities on the Plan.
  7. Sarah Tyler will keep Midland Forestry briefed with our plans
  8. Sarah Tyler will communicate with Midland Forestry about removal of machinery and vehicles from the area, in which we shall be working.

After this positive meeting Chris Carroll called a Steering Group Meeting for 6:30 pm on Tuesday 7th May 2013 at 4, Rectory Gardens.

Blaise Garden update

On the 21st March Chris Carroll and Tim Parkinson from HCS together with Mike Thompson, chair of Friends of Blaise met with Tracey Morgan, BCC Service Director – Environment & Leisure, and John Williams, Blaise manager, to explore how we could commence to utilise some of the area of the garden for growing. The outcome meeting was extremely encouraging and on the 2nd May we are going to meet John Williams on site to work out the precise area and access,

Blaise Community Garden

Garden visitAfter a considerable period of no progress this project has been given an appreciable boost following an inspection on the afternoon of 11th January 2013 of the former Blaise Kitchen Garden by our new Mayor, George Ferguson, our MP, Charlotte Leslie, and Mark Weston and Chris Windows, our two local councillors.

George Ferguson said he wanted to encourage people to grow their own food especially in a permaculture environment and it was resolved that HCS and Friends of Blaise would begin discussions with Tracey Morgan, BCC Officer responsible for Parks, on how best to begin this in a small way at first.

Thus we are looking for people with enthusiasm to form a joint society steering group to make this project happen





Future use of Blaise Kitchen Garden as a Community Garden

Initial ideas from the ‘Garden Group’

Our Conservation Area would be greatly enhanced by using Blaise Kitchen Garden as a Community Garden.The area presently contains several greenhouses in various stages of repair and a victorian fernery’ in a huge walled space, with a building previously used for horticultural education and could possibly be used again for the same purpose. The greenhouses were used to grow bedding plants for the whole of Bristol for the latter part of the last century and then by a college Horticultural Department.We discussed how wonderful this would be for our Community, to encourage people to work together producing fresh food and growing plants to sell.We often talk about vandalism in our area. By encouraging a wide age group of people to work together, exchanging skills and enthusiasm, the energy of our youth could be diverted into something positive and creative.The possibilities of positively changing people’s lives could be immense. To get this project off the ground we know will be a huge upward battle,but we are prepared to try.Areas to investigate before the next meeting are :history and conservation within the site;FUNDING!; visit to a local Community Garden for ideas and inspiration.The lease on this site comes up for review in 2011 so we need to have an excellent proposal together by then.