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December 2015 update

Henbury Conservation Society is still functioning despite the lack of anyone willing to act as Chair. Tim Parkinson acts as secretary and maintains the web site (occasionally!) and Andrew Chugg looks after the monies.

During the year Jill Campbell motivated a small team to really tidy up the forgotten triangle at the foot of Church Lane. She also invoked Mark Weston’s, local councillor), help in a new sign at the junction to point people to St Mary’s Church, Henbury Village Hall and the Community Garden. Tim Parkinson refurbished the timber of the former Finger Post but BCC Highways / Planning forbad him from proceeding as it is on public land. We have now requested BCC to restore the post and signs.

The Henbury, Brentry & Southmead Neighbourhood Partnership now have a new mini roundabout for the Crow Lane / Henbury Road junction in the Henbury section of the local Road plan. This should improve traffic flows, increase safety and reduce excessive speed across the current junction

Tim Parkinson is awaiting an estimate from Nimbus Preservations for the rebuild of the broken statue of Neptune currently in the grounds of Woodstock School. This is so we can assess how to fund raise because BCC save they have no monies for the project! The plan, yet to be approved by BCC, is to place the restored statue by the pond in Blaise Dairy Garden. Originally we think Neptune graced an ornamental pond in front of the Great House of Henbury demolished in 1810.

News update – May 2013

News update – May 2013


Family Treasure Hunt

Sadly we have had to cancel this event because organising it was just too much given the demands of getting the Blaise Garden project launched. We’d love to sponsor this event and if anyone would like to take on the primary organisation of it next year please let us know


Blaise Walled Garden Project

A lot of work has been put into getting access to part of the former walled garden to Blaise House by HCS and Friends of Blaise.

Latest plans are for first access by volunteers on Sunday 9th June 2pm (at garden next to Blaise House) and on Sunday23rd June l-4pm (at the dairy garden)

Its best to check with the website,, for the latest news and opening times


Village Walk with Bristol Civic Society – Tuesday July 9th , 6:00 pm at Village Hall

This year we are sharing our walk with members of the Civic Society in order to widen interest in our Conservation area. We will not know until relatively late on how many visitors we shall have so, as a precaution against overloading with too many people, we will be pleased to welcome anyone who did not particpate in the last two. We shall be covering much the same ground as last year. If you are keen to repeat the experience but came previously just let us know and we’ll run a reserve list.


AGM and Talk on Kingweston House – Tuesday 8th October, 7:30 pm at Kingsweston House

NB Change of venue from the Village Hall

Yes, this will be an AGM with a difference!

Norman Routledge, who leases the whole of the house, has kindly agreed to give us a tour of the house and tell us how he is going about sustaining it. In between we’ll fit in our AGM!

Anyone needing a lift to Kingsweston is welcome to contact Tim Parkinson (o7854714085) or Chris Carroll


Christmas Social – Saturday 7th December, 7:00 pm Village Hall

And this event will be rather different from our usual social evening. The format is still evolving but we plan involve the local community and to showcase local talent. It will replace the usual Henbury Singers event so anyone with ideas please come forward.

Tim Parkinson




PS Henbury Conservation Society welcomes everyone interested to come to our meetings and participate in our activities. We do not levy an annual membership fee but ask for a small contribution to expenses incurred in the meeting / activity (eg room hire, etc.)

New website

The Conservation Society now has its own site here. Thanks are due to Henbury & Brentry Community Council for allowing us to have pages on their site until now.

All the material that was previously on the Community Council site is now here. Just use the Search link (top right of screen) to locate any item.

Good browsing


Planning applications and Conservation Area – A brief survey

In 2007 Geoffrey Jones carried out an informal survey to evaluate to what extent decisions on planning applications where influenced by the subject buildings being in Henbury Conservation Area.

The document available by clicking here contains a brief historical description of the Henbury area, history of conservation area legislation and the setting up of Henbury Conservation Area and the survey itself. The Survey is not comprehensive in that it does not deal with all applications in the conservation area and it, necessarily, reflects the findings of the author.

It contains a number of excellent photos and is well worth a study.