Henbury Orchard planting

Wessex Water have today planted 20 fruit trees on the west side of the Wilderness area bordering Henbury Road.

Planting fruit trees
Planting 20 fruit trees

This planting is part of the enhancement and re-instatement works that Wessex Water are undertaking around Saltmarsh Drive, Lawrence Weston and Henbury and Crow Lane following the major flood relief sewer work previously carried out in the area.

The species list is: -,

Apple: Red Devil (2), Winston, Ellison Orange, Greensleeves, Lord Derby, Bromley Seeding (2), Bountiful, Laxton’s Fortune, Laxtons Superb, Fiesta Bush, One unspecified.

Cider Apple: Dabinett.

Gage: Old Green, Early Transparent

All the trees will be protected with mesh guards early in the New Year. And five Hawthorn trees will also be planted then.

There is a 1 year maintenance plan on these, that any deaths will be replaced, although this does not account for vandalism etc, only natural deaths.  Then this would be passed on to BCC or ourselves if we are so motivated.


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