Conservation Society Meeting – 11th October 2011

Minutes of meeting commenced at 19:30 in Henbury Village Hall

Present: Chris Carroll (Chair), Tim Parkinson (Secretary), Andrew Chugg ( Treasurer ) and 16 members.

Apologies: Joyce Steele, Dennis & Elf Harris, Morris & Juliet Venables, Wendy Roberts, Sandy & Jill Campbell


 Chris Carroll opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and expressed her gratitude on behalf of the Society to Joyce Steele, Charles Claxton, Geoffrey Jones, Sue Parfitt and Tim Parkinson and all who came who had made the July Village walk such an enjoyable and interesting evening. Tim pointed out that Chris had done a lot of research about the centre of the village herself and should also be thanked.

 Concerns and Suggestions

Church Lane railings : Peter Bilby reported that the walls supporting the railings that needed painting were themselves in need of significant remedial work. He was not sure if the Church was up for this expenditure but would check.


Lamp at Blaise Gates: Charles Claxton said hewas concerned by the lamp that was flickering on and off all night.

.Disfigured Lamp: Ann Claxton stated that lampost immediately outside the Hall was disfigured with a number of direction signs, mainly for cyclists. Chris Carroll will follow up with appropriate representations

Refurbishing Finger Post: This post adjacent to the mini roundabout at the bottom of Church Lane where it meets Henbury Rd is steadily deteriorating. Tim Parkinson has the ‘Aust’ arm which fell off. Judy Dunn kindly offered to pursue the refurbishment.

Area next to Finger Post: Peter Bilby offered to organise by email a working party to clear the area of excess growth and rubbish. He said a skip would probably need to be hired for the clearance.

Daffodils along Henbury Road: Norma Jones asked whether the bank along the road opposite Woodstock grounds could be replanted. Kay Ridgewell said she would pursue this suggestion.

Dead chestnut tree on Wilderness: Kay Ridgewell asked whether this tree next the Henbury Road bus stop and which had been killed by excessive lopping could be removed. Tim Parkinson said he would write to the Parks Dept requesting that a replacement be planted and the dead tree trunk be laid down to decay slowly where it is.

Green Spaces

 Sue Parfitt, Chair of the Friends of Crow Lane Open Spaces, mentioned that there had been two public consultatioins since 2008 in which considerable opposition to any sell off of land for building had been expressed. She outlined the great characteristic of the area and went on to request approval from the Society for the planting of a number of fruit trees in the Wilderness area. This was approved by a considerable majority of those present.

The following members said they would support a society panel for Green Spaces: Judy Dunn, Andrew Chugg, Heather Jones and Eddie Harding.

Tim Parkinson offered to create an on line page in which members could record intereting wild life sightings in the local area.


Tim Parkinson stated that in his opinion the two priorities for our conservation area were a 20 mph limit through the Village and a mini roundabout by the Salutation. Given the strong opposition to any idea of making Hallen Way two way we had to face up to an ever increasing amount of traffic coming through the Village. Likely developments in S Glos would mean that the single N – NW – W route coming through Henbury would inevitably ratchet up the volume of traffic.

The signage at the top of Hallen way was inadequate according to Lissy Porter. She agrred to work with Tim as the embryo TrafficPanel.

 Hazel Brook

 Kay Ridgewell said that the survey of the brook by UWE had not yet happened.

Tim Parkinson said that Bristol City Council Environment Dept carried out monthly monitoring of the water quality in the brook at the ford next the Salutation


It was agreed that financial matters be deferred to the next AGM

The meeting closed at 9:00 pm

4 thoughts on “Conservation Society Meeting – 11th October 2011

  1. Hi. I’m an American, who is trying to find my English Ancestors. My third great grandfather was Thomas Hignell. He married Sarah Burroughs of Hill in 1812. I found the christening record for their eldest child, Thomas Burroughs Hignell, born in 1813. On the record, the father was listed as Thomas Hignell, Yeoman of Hengaston Farm, Henbury.

    Is this an actual farm, or just a region? I have a sense that Henbury might refer to a parish district. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Peggy,
      The Hignells were one of the three last farming families in Henbury and we have a CD of a Tom Hignell talking about farming at Norton Farm in Henbury in 2003. He died in 2004. His family moved into Norton Farm, which has been demolished, from Lawrence Weston in 1917. Lawrence Weston is adjacent to Henbury. These are now relatively small parts of NW Bristol but previously Henbury was a much larger area and probably encompassed Hengaston Farm. I can find no trace of Hengaston Farm in a quick search but it certainly was in the area to the N of Bristol.
      If I can find anything relevant further I’ll let you now

  2. At our last meeting we mentioned noting our wildlife observations which may be useful to projects in the future e.g. the conservation society had to fight to keep the royals from being built on in the past.Here are some I have made!The R.S.P.B.had a Garden bird watch 28/29 Jan.where you observed birds for 1 hour.My results in my garden in Henbury were as follows:2 blackbirds;2 robins;5 bluetits;2 magpies;2 dunnocks;2 great-tits;1 coaltit; 3 woodpigeons. Recently a sparrow hawk swooped down to retrieve a mouse feeding on the ground bird food.In the past I saw kingfishers in the garden and by the Hazel brook, but have not recently,has anyone else seen them? Greater spotted woodpeckers, lesser spotted woodpeckers can be seen frequently in Blaise now that the trees are bare.A green woodpecker often locates the grave yard.

  3. Additional species seen regularly in our garden in Rectory to those listed by Chris are Goldfinch, Nuthatch and Greater Spotted Woodpecker ( the Lesser is most unlikely being rare ) together with the Green Woodpecker hunting ants in the grass.
    The last sighting of Kingfisher was flying up Rectory Gardens in August 2011. Another noteworthy sighting was a Treecreeper in the Ash tree at the bottom of the Tunnel from the Churchyard in January 2012

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