Conservation Society – Traffic Group report on Henbury Road and Hallen Road

This sub group has been active recently in promoting ideas aimed at making life for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists safer faced with traffic volumes which will steadily increase over the coming years. Within 15-20 years there will be 5000+ additional houses on Filton airfield and the direct route from there to Avonmouth comes through or around our village. The report submitted to the Neighbourhood Partnership Traffic & Transport Group for Henbury, Brentry and Southmead and which will be used as the starting point for “fleshed-out” schemes to bid into a potential £1m Government grant.

This is the Conservation Society Traffic Group report: –

Measures to improve traffic flow along Henbury Road and Hallen Road (West)

A – Henbury Village – How to accommodate ever increasing traffic volumes safely

A1 -The background

The Village is faced with regular incremental increase in traffic volumes as more and more houses are built at high density in the surrounding areas. On top of this South Gloucestershire have now proposed a plan to build a further 5700 houses on the former Filton Airfield . The effect of these developments will be increased movement Between the North to the West of Bristol. There are alternative routes although the Hallen route is barred to lorries by South Gloucester Council. Additionally, Alan Berridge, senior BCC traffic engineer for this area, says that lorries are free to use Kingsweston Road so the quickest and most direct way is through / round the Village so we need to ensure we are not overwhelmed to a greater extent in the years ahead. Thus we need to develop proposals for changes which will make life more tolerable for the people who live along Henbury Road and Hallen Road as well as the many pedestrians, school children and visitors to the Blaise Castle Estate and the Hamlet, who have nowhere safe to cross. And in doing this make it safer for drivers as well.

A2 -Possible improvements

  1. Implement a 20 mph area from the mini roundabout next Henbury Lodge Hotel through the Village as far as the top of Hallen Road.
  2. Install a Road Narrowing and Footpath widening on the bend in the Village to make it safer for pedestrians leaving the Battersby Way gate and those walking on the pavements.
  3. Reduce the road to one lane from Blaise Gate to beyond White Lodge marking the house side lane as non used area except for entrance / exit for the residents
  4. Reduce Hallen Road to one traffic lane on Blaise Hamlet side to allow safer exit from houses and ? Estate.
  5. Re-engineer junction of Henbury Road and Hallen Road to introduce changes 3. 4. safely.

B – Crow Lane / Henbury Road / Rectory Gardens Junction

This junction has the following dangerous features: –

  1. Traffic continuing along Henbury Road in both directions mostly proceeds at speeds above 30 mph without slowing down. This is most pronounced on vehicles going west. The high speeds are a hazard to pedestrian trying to cross Henbury Road as well as to waiting vehicles.
  2. At peak times Crow Lane traffic going towards the junction builds up into long queues. This increases driver frustration resulting in risk taking when finally turning right or left on Henbury Road.
  3. Vehicles exiting Rectory Gardens and the West car park of the Salutation / Henbury Carvery and wishing to turn right to go East along Henbury Road do not have a proper view of oncoming traffic because of a stone wall and hedge to the car park.

The last Neighbourhood Partnership Traffic & Transport Sub Group meeting on 29th September decided that this junction was Priority 3 for Henbury & Brentry.

It should be recorded that Alan Berridge did agree that B1 above was correct at the end of the Village walkabout on 26th January 2012.

Next Steps

Alan Berridge ‘walked the patch’ with us on January 26th and broadly agreed that the proposals A2 to A5 made considerable sense. However, as always, the unknown costs are likely to be considerably beyond what finance is available to the Henbury & Southmead Neighbourhood Partnership in the short term. Thus, his advice was for us to submit a request to fund a survey and estimate for the works necessary to achieve each of the above possible improvements. This would enable realistic priorities to be established in the future and mean that ‘fleshed-out’ schemes would be available in the event that funding became available

Henbury Conservation Society Traffic sub group

Tim Parkinson, Lissy Porter & Chris Carroll

February 2012


One thought on “Conservation Society – Traffic Group report on Henbury Road and Hallen Road

  1. Hear!Hear! for a 20m.p.h. limit throughout Henbury village including Crow Lane.We also need a safe crossing place to access Blaise near the entrance to the Play area,especially for children with parents &/grandparents please.

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