AGM 17th October 2012

The meeting commenced at 19:30 in Henbury Village Hall

Present: Chris Carroll (Chair), Tim Parkinson (Secretary) and 18 members.

Apologies: Andrew Chugg ( Treasurer ), Lisa Parkinson, Margaret & Steve Condliffe, Elf & Dennis Harris, Fran Greenfield, Morris & Juliet Venables, Linda Robinson, Joyce Steele, Charles & Ann Claxton.

Welcome and Chairman’s report

Chris Carroll opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. She highlighted the splendid work done by the small core of volunteers in clearing the triangular area at the bottom of Church Lane on March 17th and the success of the second annual Village Walk on July 18th. This latter was notable for the welcome given by Marguerite Tonkin in her home and the fine refreshments provided by Judy and Peter Dunn at the end.

Chris paid tribute to Marguerite Tonkin who had died less than three weeks later

Election of Officers

There being no other nominations the existing officers Chris Carroll (Chair), Tim Parkinson (Secretary), Andrew Chugg ( Treasurer ) were elected without opposition to serve another year.

Report from Treasurer

This was not available due to the absence of the treasurer. The secretary stated there had been little overall change from last years position below.

2009-10Balances 2010-11Expenditure 2010-11Income 2010-11Balances
Lloyds a/c 00371196 1625.17 261.85 33.00 1396.32
Lloyds a/c 2089404 302.95 302.95
National Savings ( Trees ) 342.08 + 2004 -2009 interest 2010 interest 342.08 + 2004 -2010 interest
TOTALS 2270.2 + interest 261.85 33.00 + 2010 interest 2041.35 + interest

Funding of HCS expenses

Tim Parkinson said that the idea of bringing back a small subscription to fund room hire and admin expenses had been mooted previously but not implemented. He now proposed that instead of an annual subscription per member or household we should simply ask for those attending meetings to make a small contribution (say £1 or £2 per head) towards the costs involved in holding the meeting. This was approved by the meeting without any opposition and would be implemented at future meetings.


Chris Carroll said that if the Society was to thrive and attract younger members we needed to achieve more on various areas of concern. She asked the meeting for volunteers to contribute some effort in the following areas:

Future of Blaise Garden

Railings in church Lane

Hazel Brook water quality

Traffic including 20 mph areas

Signpost and Conservation Area notice

There being no other advertised business Chris Carroll closed the AGM at 20:00 hrs

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