Tree Planting project with Neil Hutton – 9th March 2013

Twelve stalwart would be tree-planters came to Henbury Village Hall mid morning to a talk by Neil Hutton, who manages the Portbury Wharf reserve for Avon Wildlife Trust (AWT) talk about what is involved in, and next steps for, planting trees. Neil Has worked for AWT for three years and previously for Bristol Tree Conservation Volunteers (BCTV) actually based in Blaise Kitchen Garden. BCTV is now TCV Avon

Neil prefaced his tree talk and discussion with information and pictures of the sites and activites organised by Avon Wildlife Trust. After telling us that 11% of the UK is tree covered he continued with specific advice and suggestions for tree planting in the Conservation green space area, which Tim Parkinson suggests has been called the Wildnerness Area. In the absence of any alternative name known to those present it was agreed to adopt Wilderness. During the course of his talk Neil made the strong recommendation that we should plant native English trees such as English Oak, Quercus robur, and flowering cherries from native stock.

On the finance side our treasurer, Andrew Chugg, said we had £400 in the society’s Tree Fund. If we utilised the service provided by TreeBristol of Bristol city Council, the full cost of the package of tree, planting and protection would be £340 per tree. However on a more d-i-y basis the cost of a resonably sized tree would be around £80 for the tree. Whichever option is chosen approval and permission to plant will be needed from Bristol City Council through TreeBristol

After Neil’s talk we walked down to the Wilderness and identified a couple of potential site for tree planting. Thus ended a very interesting and worthwhile meeting.

Tim Parkinson


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