Blaise Garden Progress

HCS & Friends of  Blaise Garden update

On 2nd May representatives of the HCS & FoB Steering Group met with Sarah Tyler of BCC Parks to agree the next steps in the project to start volunteer activities in the garden. The following was agreed as the way forward: –

  1. The area containing the two greenhouses we will have access to will be delineated using orange mesh and posts. The area will include the gateposts of the currently boarded up entrance form the Rose Garden.
  2. Preferred access for volunteers will be through the Blaise Dairy Garden and side gate through wall.
  3. The Group will have access to ‘the room in the wall’ so we can store tools etc.
  4. Access for delivery vehicles will be negotiated as required with Midland Forestry.
  5. The Steering Group will publish a plan of Activities to be carried out
  6. The Steering Group will write Risk Assessments for the activities on the Plan.
  7. Sarah Tyler will keep Midland Forestry briefed with our plans
  8. Sarah Tyler will communicate with Midland Forestry about removal of machinery and vehicles from the area, in which we shall be working.

After this positive meeting Chris Carroll called a Steering Group Meeting for 6:30 pm on Tuesday 7th May 2013 at 4, Rectory Gardens.

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