Blaise Community Secret Garden update

On 9th June thanks to incredible hard and last minute negotiations some 50 people of all ages came into the garden.

Chris Carroll summarised the event as follows: –

” Every one was brilliant in so many ways.All the people putting in time and hard work leading up to Sunday and also on the day.This gave the whole project a really good ‘ send off’. I thought the ‘team spirit’ was wonderful.The highlight for me was a parent saying his child only did computer games and there the child was inspired and planting up his drum of assorted veg. and flowers and wanting to clear up the greenhouse! It was great to see all age groups helping each other.We even had students from the centre of town saying they’d loved planting up the rainbow chard and had a great time.We received 50 particulars of interested people which Angela is putting into a usable form..Wendy accumulated people’s ideas, which will be of great interest .

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