Tree planted to commemorate Marguerite Tonkin’s contribution to Henbury

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On the lovely sunny morning of Sunday, March 9th 2014, a large group of Henbury Conservation Society members and three generations of the Tonkin family gathered in the green space not far from the Henbury Road ford to plant a fine oak (Quercus robur) sapling in Marguerite Tonkin’s memory.

Chris Carroll, HCS chair, and Charles Claxton had  been given the tree by Blaise Nursery Garden and had already dug with considerable effort through the stony topsoil before the morning of the formal planting. On the morning further difficulty was encountered in driving the supporting post deep enough but after Alan Roberts produced a large crowbar the post was driven in successfully. It just remained for James Tonkin and Chris Carroll to put the tree in place and willing helpers filled in the soil and planted snowdrop bulbs and poppy seed in the topsoil.

Tim Parkinson gave a tribute to Marguerite and reminded those present of her tangible legacy to Henbury of the three books: The Lost Farms of Henbury (1996), Old Henbury (1999) and Henbury Dynasties (2005)

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