Village Walk – July 2014

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This walk took place on the perfect Summer evening of July 22nd and started at the War Memorial (see photo above) where Tim Parkinson outlined a brief history of the Village Hall, pointed out the fine original(?) chimney and referred to two former inhabitants of Close House. The group then walked to the centre of the village where Chris Carroll summarised the history of the buildings around and including Blaise Inn. Then a short walk, dodging the through traffic up to 226 Henbury Road where Charles Claxton explained the features and history of his lovingly maintained Georgian house.

Then once safely across the traffic into Blaise park Chris talked about the Cottrell Seat and the avenue of limes. We then progressed through the Dairy Garden with brief reference to the Dairy itself (but where was the cowshed?) into the Community Garden where Chris showed us what had been achieved in just over twelve months volunteer effort. And it was possible to walk around the greenhouses despite the exceptionally vigorous  tomatos and ,particularly, squash plants.

The final short leg of the walk was to Castle Close where Ted Moss gave us an interesting account of how the close estate came to be built before inviting us into 8 Castle Close where he and Kitty had prepared light refreshments. These wer greatly appreciated by all.

Tim Parkinson

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