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Village Walk – July 2014

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This walk took place on the perfect Summer evening of July 22nd and started at the War Memorial (see photo above) where Tim Parkinson outlined a brief history of the Village Hall, pointed out the fine original(?) chimney and referred to two former inhabitants of Close House. The group then walked to the centre of the village where Chris Carroll summarised the history of the buildings around and including Blaise Inn. Then a short walk, dodging the through traffic up to 226 Henbury Road where Charles Claxton explained the features and history of his lovingly maintained Georgian house.

Then once safely across the traffic into Blaise park Chris talked about the Cottrell Seat and the avenue of limes. We then progressed through the Dairy Garden with brief reference to the Dairy itself (but where was the cowshed?) into the Community Garden where Chris showed us what had been achieved in just over twelve months volunteer effort. And it was possible to walk around the greenhouses despite the exceptionally vigorous  tomatos and ,particularly, squash plants.

The final short leg of the walk was to Castle Close where Ted Moss gave us an interesting account of how the close estate came to be built before inviting us into 8 Castle Close where he and Kitty had prepared light refreshments. These wer greatly appreciated by all.

Tim Parkinson

Aldi Store – extended hours

A planning application to extend this store’s opening hours until 10:00 pm on six days and 5:00 pm on Sundays was lodged on 16th July 2014

Address: Aldi Crow Lane Henbury Bristol BS10 7EN
Description: Variation of condition for application relating to condition No.9 attached to application no. 12/03342/X (operating hours) – Proposed to change to ‘The retail trading use of the building hereby permitted shall not take place outside of the hours of:08:00 – 22:00 (Monday to Saturday, including Bank Holidays) 10:00 – 17:00 (Sunday)’

If you wish to make a public comment on this application the link is below

Planning Dept

Local sculptor

Did you know that we have a sculptor working in our midst?

No? Neither did I until she, Jitka Palmer, opened her workshop/studio in Blaise Stables on the BS9 Arts Trail. She has been working there for two or three years.

Jitka welcomes anyone interested to drop in and she’ll normally be happy to talk about her work. Her website is here.

This is her “River Vltava”


Tree planted to commemorate Marguerite Tonkin’s contribution to Henbury

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On the lovely sunny morning of Sunday, March 9th 2014, a large group of Henbury Conservation Society members and three generations of the Tonkin family gathered in the green space not far from the Henbury Road ford to plant a fine oak (Quercus robur) sapling in Marguerite Tonkin’s memory.

Chris Carroll, HCS chair, and Charles Claxton had  been given the tree by Blaise Nursery Garden and had already dug with considerable effort through the stony topsoil before the morning of the formal planting. On the morning further difficulty was encountered in driving the supporting post deep enough but after Alan Roberts produced a large crowbar the post was driven in successfully. It just remained for James Tonkin and Chris Carroll to put the tree in place and willing helpers filled in the soil and planted snowdrop bulbs and poppy seed in the topsoil.

Tim Parkinson gave a tribute to Marguerite and reminded those present of her tangible legacy to Henbury of the three books: The Lost Farms of Henbury (1996), Old Henbury (1999) and Henbury Dynasties (2005)

Preserving Green Space – Wesley College sports field

The information below has come from the secretary of Wesley Action Group, Andrew Nunn. WAG was formed to protect the green areas around Wesley College.

As you will be aware the Planning Application to build 11 houses on the former Wesley College Sports Field submitted by Northover Developments Ltd was refused by the City Planning Committee in December 2013. However we are certain that this will not be the only attempt by this developer to fill the field with houses. They are no doubt awaiting the final decision of the Governments Planning Officer to allow the site to remain within the Site Allocation and Development Management Policy Local Plan document (SADMP). From the initial findings of the Inspector’s review back in November he has indicated that it should be removed. If however it remains in the policy document it will preclude any development until at the earliest 2026 when the document comes before the Council for review.

As a group of residents, WAG is totally opposed to this field and surrounding woodland being covered with cement, bricks and tarmac to the sole purpose of lining the pockets of the developer and we are now concentrating our efforts to try and persuade the Planning Inspector that the site should remain within the policy document. To this end we have a small window of opportunity to submit to the Council our reasons as to why this important open space should be retained. The City Council are accepting submissions up to the deadline of 24 February 2014 for residents and interested groups to place their reasons with them to enable a robust response to the Planning Officers initial findings that the site should be removed from the document. Hopefully if a substantial number of submissions are sent in this will assist the Council immensely.

The area in question can be seen here:

View Larger Map

If you consider that we really must give a priority to keeping the green space we have, particularly in view of what South Glos are doing to the area north of the railway line and /or have other objections to removing the SADMP designation for the area please send you comments by the deadline of 24th February to:

 By email:

 By post: Strategic Planning Team, Bristol City Council, 2nd Floor Brunel House, St George’s Road, Bristol BS1 5UY.

Tim Parkinson

Hon Sec HCS

What a Party!

The Party on 21st December in the Village Hall was a sellout.
The entertainment was terrific fun and Greg Ashdown-Hoare proved to be a master at extracting money from us in a variety of ways. The good food and drink was available in quantities and great enjoyment of a real village occasion was the overall feature to report.
The provisional amount accruing to the Village Hall Refurbishment fund totals a splendid £1215
Enormous thanks are due to everyone who contributed to the success of the evening especially those who supported the auction of donated items so generously
Here is a small album of photos
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If you would like a full screen slideshow with captions use this link

Houses of Interest in Henbury

The plan here is to use this page to guide you to information about interesting houses in Henbury. Houses which are interesting from the historic and architectural viewpoint and also houses in which interesting men and women have lived.

As information becomes available it will be added here

H1 THE ELMSLink to history


Henbury Lodge

Follow this link to see how this building has connections with Edmund Burke




White LodgeThe Hollies





Link to a detailed account researched by Geoffrey Jones of those who owned and lived in these three houses on Henbury Road

An account by Geoffrey Jones for the White House only


A comprehensively researched and referenced document written from the planning perspective by Geoffrey Jones containing a number of historic house photos – Link to document