Conservation Society Meeting held 12th October 2010

By kind permission of David Lloyd, Vicar of Henbury, members assembled in St. Mary’s Church and were able to enjoy a glass of wine before David’s talk on the history and people of the Church in Henbury.

David’s fascinating talk covered the history associated with the church from the time the parish was Henbury in the Saltmarsh through to the 19th century when the designs for a spire were approved and the early 20th century when the Way dynasty of three vicars ended.


Bulb Planting – January 23rd 2010

The Henbury & Brentry Transition Group acquired 1000 bulbs through the good offices of the Neighbourhood Partnership and in conjunction with Henbury Conservation Society mustered around 20 adults and children to plant them on the banks around the Ford on Henbury Road adjacent to the Salutation.

Work started at 11:00 and by 13:30 all 1000 bulbs had been planted thanks to the hard work of all present.
It remains to be seen what shows this year but we should have a really fine flowering next year.
Here is a link to a handful of  ‘action’ photos I took.

Future use of Blaise Kitchen Garden as a Community Garden

Initial ideas from the ‘Garden Group’

Our Conservation Area would be greatly enhanced by using Blaise Kitchen Garden as a Community Garden.The area presently contains several greenhouses in various stages of repair and a victorian fernery’ in a huge walled space, with a building previously used for horticultural education and could possibly be used again for the same purpose. The greenhouses were used to grow bedding plants for the whole of Bristol for the latter part of the last century and then by a college Horticultural Department.We discussed how wonderful this would be for our Community, to encourage people to work together producing fresh food and growing plants to sell.We often talk about vandalism in our area. By encouraging a wide age group of people to work together, exchanging skills and enthusiasm, the energy of our youth could be diverted into something positive and creative.The possibilities of positively changing people’s lives could be immense. To get this project off the ground we know will be a huge upward battle,but we are prepared to try.Areas to investigate before the next meeting are :history and conservation within the site;FUNDING!; visit to a local Community Garden for ideas and inspiration.The lease on this site comes up for review in 2011 so we need to have an excellent proposal together by then.

Planning applications and Conservation Area – A brief survey

In 2007 Geoffrey Jones carried out an informal survey to evaluate to what extent decisions on planning applications where influenced by the subject buildings being in Henbury Conservation Area.

The document available by clicking here contains a brief historical description of the Henbury area, history of conservation area legislation and the setting up of Henbury Conservation Area and the survey itself. The Survey is not comprehensive in that it does not deal with all applications in the conservation area and it, necessarily, reflects the findings of the author.

It contains a number of excellent photos and is well worth a study.

Official web site of Henbury Conservation Society